I mean no disrespect by the name! 

Especially over this past year, I have forgotten to take care of myself.  I have put so much time in to being a mom and a caregiver to a sick family member, that I have totally lost who I am, especially physically.  I think of myself as a size 8-10, then I walk past a mirror and hardly recognize the woman looking back at me.  I feel trapped in someone else's body.  It is time to take control, take time for me, and get back to who I know I can be!  I would love to share this journey with anyone who is ready to make changes to get healthier.  Weather you have 5 or 100+ lbs to get rid of,  I am ready to share this journey, and hopefully inspire someone else to join me to make positive changes in their life!  

So here we go........goodbye fat girl....hello skinny girl!  Not planning on a bikini anytime soon but it is time to get rid of the "gut suckers" and "muffin tops!"

Although I have changes I want to make....I AM SO BLESSED.  I have an amazing faith, wonderful and supportive husband and family, and cutest kids ever!  

On Oct 14th, 2006 I had my dream wedding and married my best friend.  My husband already had 2 kids from a previous marriage, so from the day I said "I do," I had to start figuring out how to be a mom!  Then about 10 months later we welcomed a beautiful little girl into our family!  Life changed very quickly, because she was a colic baby with acid reflux. With no sleep for about 6 months, and not many people able to babysit a very fussy little girl, life was a struggle! The week I stopped breastfeeding, I got pregnant with my son!  I am learning that God really has a sense of humor...especially in my life!

With 4 kids ( now almost 2, 4, 9 & 11), being their taxi driver, coaching, church events,church ministries, helping run a moms group,working from home, trying to manage a house and family....there is little time to figure out how to have "ME" time!  

In Oct 2010, my husband was diagnosed with a very rare cancer.  Life stopped very quickly and all focus was on getting him better.  A surgery one week after our 4th anniversary, 6 months of chemo (we are just starting our last month), doctor appointments, medical bill, and just  normal stress of life, has gotten us to where we are today!  Fear, anxiety, exhaustion, & stress, does nothing good for the body or mind!  It is said that with good health, anything is possible...without it, nothing else matters!  BOY IS THAT THE TRUTH!

***The great news though is that my hubby is doing well & having a great recovery!!! He is taking better care of himself and has lost about 40lbs in the process! The bad news.....I think all the pounds he lost have found my hips! is my turn to take care of me!  Time to put my health as one of my top priorities!  My family deserves a healthy mommy, wife, & daughter!  
Thank you for joining me on my journey!!!!  Any support I can give to you on your journey to a happy & healthier life....I will do my best to do so!