Friday, December 16, 2011

John's scan

This has been a stressful week, full of emotional highs & lows.  What caused the most stress this week was my hubby's CT Scan yesterday.  As scans get close, fear always takes over, and my stress level rises.  

As my mind wandered this week, I laid on the couch in the late evenings once the kids were sleeping, and watched TV to distract me.  Watching TV wasn't the problem, the dozens of cookies that I consumed during those shows was the issue.  Our moms group had a cookie exchange and I really thought freezing the 13 dozen cookies would help me not eat them.....but no....I realized some of them were really good frozen! LOL.  For me, the best way not to stress eat  is by not having alot of sweets in the house.  If it is not here I don't (can't) eat it!  As much as I didn't want to stress eat, I did!  Thankfully, I kept up with my workouts, well most of them (there were a few I couldn't make due to meetings).  

Due to running crazy, no sleep, and sick kids, I forgot to weigh in...........I think I am taking this as a "pass" week from weighing in.  Going to make this a GREAT week!

OH.........John's Scan - was CLEAR! 


Amanda said...

That is great news on his scans. prayers that it reminds that way. Hope you had a wonderful christmas and have a wonderful New Year.

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