Friday, December 2, 2011

Visit with Baby Adam!

Thanks for all the prayers for Baby Adam!  Please keep them coming!!!

I got to go see him last night!  A group of us from our mom's groups, as well as a few others went to the hospital last night to pray with Anna (Adam's mommy).  It truly was one of those times that you could just feel  that Christ was right in the room!  

After we prayed, we had some time to visit with Anna.  It was amazing to see the strength that she has.  Although very scared, you can tell that she is in control (well as much as you can be in this situation).  I can't tell you enough, how in awe I am of her faith!  She trusts Him so much, and keeps saying "He has a plan, and He has been preparing me for this."  As I look at Anna, I see Mary - Christ's mother!  She is watching her son suffer, but totally trusting God, praising Him for how blessed she is, and knowing that His will, will be done!  I am so blessed to have Anna as role model in my life!  

After most people left, a few of us got to go back and pray over Adam.  Walking into the room seeing this sweet little baby all hooked up, it was heartbreaking...but they finally have him resting more comfortable.  It was really sweet - as we were praying, Adam would smile!  Oh the power of prayer.  As I prayed all night I prayed for a peaceful night for them both - and from the reports today from our friend that works at the hospital on Anna's floor, they both had a peaceful nights sleep!!  Praise Jesus!  

He had his second round of chemo this morning is is tolerating it! It is going to be a few days before we know if it is working!

As I have been getting frustrated over the little things, or worry about my hubby's health (we have a scan coming up in two weeks and I always stress as they get near), I stop and think of this incredible lady, and strong little fighter that I have in my life.  Over eating is not the answer to dealing with my stress, it is trusting Him, and getting my booty to the gym that is going to make all the difference!  

God is Good - All the time!!!  


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