Friday, December 9, 2011

Who are you hanging with?

When I started working out, I always saw the same girl in the gym and was amazed at how hard she was working out. A few months back I noticed she joined the zumba class I was going to with one of her friends.  I was amazed that with each move she did , she always added some extra hop, bend, or squatted lower to increase the intensity.  After a few classes I started chatting with her, and realized we had a lot in common.  She was on a journey to reclaim her life as well.  She joined weight watchers, changed her diet, and added in a lot of workout classes. 

As we talked more she started telling me about the different classes at the Y, and encouraged me to try them.  She has motivated me in so many ways!  Just when I feel tired and don’t want to go work out, she pops in my head…..her dedication and energy is so contagious.  She is now down 50lbs & her hubby is down 100lb!  HOW AMAZING!!! 

I have learned that if I want results like her, I have to do the extras.  I probably wouldn’t have tried so many new things, or stuck with them as long, if I wouldn’t have met Jen. I am very thankful God has brought her into my life. 

If there is something you want – surround yourself with those that have gotten the results!! 


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