Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tried a New Workout Class - lol

Due to a crazy day I missed my Monday morning workout – so I was pumped when my hubby said he would watch the kids so I could go last night! Normally I don’t workout on Monday evenings, so I decided I would try a new class.  I walked in and it was a pleasant surprise that the instructor was someone from my Zumba class that I take.  But I really have to say, walking into a new class is intimidating!  Not knowing what you are doing, or what you will be doing, or how ridiculous you will look or the fear of not being able to do it, is scary.  I was hoping someone I knew would be in the class, but no such luck. (LOL I felt like such a kid on the first day of school).  So I decided to chat with some of the people around me and grab my spot in the back row (LOL I didn’t want to be an over achiever in my first class).  
The music started!  We started doing squats, then we did moving squats, then we got a medicine ball and did arms as we squatted.  Hmmm! I was sure finding muscle that I forgot about.  Half way through the class she told us to grab our mats- YAY a break from squats!! Now it was time for some Pilates. LOL – I had the lady next to me cracking up.  The instructor kept saying hollow your stomach as you hold positions, easier for her to say she was like a size 2 on a bad day.  I was thinking where the heck am I going to move my rolls to so I can hollow? Hmmm! I have to admit I didn't try the roll your legs over your head, I was fearful that my my boobs would suffocate me.  LOL.  Not sure I am a Pilates girls yet…..but I sure am entertaining doing it!  LOL  I have to say I look forward to doing the class again!

What I learned is, to get to my goal I am going to have to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.  Some may be hard and some may hurt, but each one will get me one step closer to my ultimate goal!  "If it is important to you, you will find a way.  If nit, you will find and excuse."  Well, NO excuses here - getting healthy is to important.  I know with my health anything is possible...without, nothing else matters! 


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