Monday, November 21, 2011

Working out with Paper Plates!

Who would have thought that 2 paper plates would hurt so bad?  When we walked in to our Fusion class tonight, our instructor handed us 2 paper plates and told us that we would be using them during our workout … some Thanksgiving fun! 

In my mind we were going to just hold them and use them as props as we worked our arms or something….Oh yes the nice little images I have in my head!  After 30 minutes of cardio fun it was time to grab out plates.  And this is where the fun began!!!! 

You know those handy little circle things that you put under furniture to help it slide across the floor? Well imagine that under your feet doing strength moves…..OMG!  We started with just one plate under one foot, let it slide out to the side, and then pulled it back in…and did this a million times.  (Oh the burn I feel just replying this in my head LOL).  Then she had us slide one foot behind in a lung and slide it back up.  (At this point I hated my paper plate!)  We continue the fun by lying on our backs, pushing into a Pilates bridge, and sliding our feet out one at a time.  Then when I thought we couldn’t have anymore fun, we rolled over and did push ups & planks & abs with our paper plates.  (She had a lot of other exercises we did with our plates, but due to my exhausted muscles, I am trying to block them out right now LOL)

Who needs expensive equipment – 2 paper plates kicked my booty!  On a serious note… I will be doing some of these moves in my kitchen….I can only imagine what my four year old will say when she walks in and sees what I am doing with paper plate ( not to mention what the neighbors will say...better get those blinds installed.) 

Thanks Jamie for a memorable workout that I will be feeling in the morning! 


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