Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Gift

My little sister got me a great Christmas gift - A food measurer thing!  (don't you love my technical terms!)  

I have always been one of those people that guess what a cup or 1/2 cup would be.  LOL boy was I wrong (my husband will love that for once I was wrong - I guess that is my one time for the year).  What a reality check!  I know this contraption will be one more thing to wash after meals, but I rather take an extra minute to wash it then have to work an extra hour to work off the extra mashed potatoes that I really didn't need.  I also think my kids will get a kick out of using it, even though they are young I don't think it is ever to early to start teaching them good habits!  

My little sis is on board with my weight loss goals - so she also bought me a food scale!  So to all those I said I would never weigh food - here I go!!!  


Cdyer24 said...

Neat! I love it. Good luck in 2012!

Anonymous said...

I think it would make it look like a heck of alot more food if you used a smaller plate with it. lol What did your hubby think about the proportions? Your sister seems like a pretty smart cookie.

Skinny Girl at Heart said...

LOL....Yes I agree with the smaller plate! That is the actual picture for the measurer site. I did take a picture of it on my own plates though - and I found that the salad plate is so much more realistic. My hubby's portions are also becoming more realistic. If there is something he really wants more of - he eats it!

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