Monday, October 10, 2011

Running Stairs

(my little man half way up the steps)

This weekend my hubby and I took the kids to McKinley Monument.  The weather was great so we wanted to get the kids outside.  Since the kids like to play on the steps, and slide down the sides of them, we thought it would be a nice stop to make before we went to the park. 

While we were there I challenged my hubby to run the steps, and of course he did.  Once he finished he looked at me and said, “your turn.” 

I was already at the top with the kids, so I had to run down first. So off I went!  Going down wasn’t so bad, expect I wasn’t wearing my sports bra and was worried I was going to get a black eye.  Once I hit the last step and turned around I looked up and thought, “What the Hell did I get myself into??”  There all 108 steps were before me!

Now I am not saying it was pretty, or that I sprinted; but I MADE IT!  I ended up running them 3 times!  If the kids weren’t whinny about needing drinks, shoot all they were doing was sliding down the slides of steps, we would have done more.  But over 600 steps….Not to bad for the first time!!!

I am taking steps to reach my goals….and this past weekend; I took over 600 of them! (I am just glad I didn't know how many steps there were until after I ran!!)
Good news – No black eyes!!!!


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