Saturday, September 3, 2011

Extras to burn calories

As my hubby and I look at our schedules, it can be kind of stressful trying to find time to workout!  Here are some suggestions to help burn some calories when you can’t make it to the gym! 

Take the stairs wherever you go – whether it’s at the office or in the shopping mall. Escalators and elevators do nothing to help you lose weight.  (STROLLERS DON’T MAKE THIS POSSIBLE….BUT WHEN THE KIDS AREN’T WITH ME I TRY TO TAKE THE STEPS!)

Park far away from the door. Whenever you go grocery shopping, park far off in the lot. The extra steps you gain will help stave off weight gain.  (I KNOW IT IS MORE CONVIENT WITH KIDS TO PARK CLOSE….BUT TRYING TO PARK A BIT FARTHER)

If you clean house or do chores, make it fun and fit! Turn up the radio and dance while you’re dusting. Get into the groove while you’re vacuuming or sweeping the floors and you’ll burn fat while you fight the grime. You can also dance while you’re in the kitchen making dinner, or do toe touches, step ups, or other exercises.    (MY POOR NEIGHBORS….I CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT THEY SEE…LOL!!!)

Make fitness a family event. If you don’t want to sacrifice your time spent with your spouse and children, just bring them onboard to go for a walk with you in the neighborhood. You’ll have ample time to chat about everyone’s day and feel close for an hour or so.  (THE LITTLE ONES LOVE TO GO FOR WALKS….SO WE ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF IT….LATELY WE HAVE BEEN WALKING TO THE MOVIE STORE AND LETTING THE KIDS PICK OUT ONE OF THE FREE MOVIES)

Don’t use work as an excuse. There are plenty of ways to get fit at work. Walk during lunch or whenever you have the opportunity instead of sending an email to a coworker for example. Stretch at your desk or invest in a bicycle pedal that conveniently gets placed under your desk to give your legs the movement they need.

Move when you’re talking. If you’re one of those people whose phone is glued to their ears, don’t waste all that time – use the handheld and get moving while you catch up with an old friend!  (WHEN I TALK ON THE PHONE I WORK AROUND THE HOUSE – LAUNDRY, PICKING UP, DISHES)

The key is to start small and work toward building more exercise into your day. Even as little as 6 minutes a day can improve your health and help you burn off the calories that you ingest during a day. No more excuses – exercise fits in wherever you allow it!



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