Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Train Track

Some friends gave us a wooden train set for my son’s birthday!  He was so excited to see Thomas!  Well I am not the “boy toy” type of person (I failed transformers).  Putting the train track together was suppose to be my husband’s job, but needless to say life got crazy and I got stuck doing it today. 

I looked at all these pieces, all of them fit together.  I had a paper that was the end result of what it should look like!  I started the track one way, but then I ran into an obstacle.  I made it go another way, adding in bridges, but then it fell down.  I thought I figured it out another time, but then my kids came and messed it up.   At one point I was getting ready to give up, but then took a deep breath and tried again, knowing there was a way it worked I just needed to figure it out. 

As I was getting frustrated I thought about losing weight.  It is kind of like my train set.  I have an idea of what it will look like at the end, I have the tools that should make it fit together, but it is just finding how I will make all the pieces fit together.  (LOL….if it is not Zumba these days on my brain, it is cooking, or something related to losing this weight…I am just so ready to make this work!!!) 

Thankfully I think I am on my way to finding a way to laying my “track” to get to my goal (work out plan, diet, this blog, family/friend support, babysitting).  I know each day will bring obstacles, and there are some days I might fall, but I am determined to succeed!

(the picture is not of my train track....mine wasn't that perfect...and that is OK with me)


Anonymous said...

I need to know where they found this train track?? do you know or can you find out son loves it !! thanks,

Anonymous said...

I have a Wooden train set that I got for free and I have no instructions so I am going to have my work cut out for me to figure out how to put it together also. Good luck on losing weight I also need to lose weight and have gained 20 pounds when my grandkids moved to Philadelphia. They were here all the time before and I was always running around taking tare of them so now that they are not here I am not as active. But they are coming for the Christmas holiday so I will atleast lose 5 ponds chasing after my precious 2 year old grandson keeping him out of mischief and my precious 101/2 months grandson is just starting to lift himself up on the furniture. Luckily my 4 year old precious granddaughter will be happily playing and telling on her brothers! Keep believing in yourself cause we are the ones that need to make our selves happy! I will be walking to the park since today is supposed to be warm out! I still love myself even if I have gained weight and most importantly my grandkids love me so I am doing something right! Take care, Martha

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