Thursday, September 29, 2011

ZUMBA - this morning

I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed!  From the moment I opened my eyes (to see my daughter staring at me asking for breakfast) to the moment I walked out the front door, I had nothing positive to say. 

Today was no preschool, but ZUMBA!  I had to get the kids fed and ready for “play school” (aka child watch), get me dressed, and out the door.  I was feeling so tired!  I called my sister (my zumba partner) and she told me she wasn’t able to go this morning.  Once I heard her say that she wasn’t going, I started talking myself out of going too.  Trying to motivate myself with the little bit of energy that I had,  I went to get dressed, only to find that all my workout clothes were in the washer.  Both my hubby and myself forgot to put them in the dryer!  So……..really frustrated I really thought about skipping. 

Well needless to say I found an outfit, put on two bras (since my really good sports bra was wet), and sucked it up and put on a damp gut sucker and got out the door.  Of course there were no close parking spaces, so I parked a million miles away, and struggled to get the kids in while they fought over who was going to push the elevator button the entire walk inside.  I saw some of my ZUMBA buddies when I got to the Y and I made sure to tell them I didn’t want to work out, and really wanted to be back in bed.  Then the music started!  Dana was up front all smiles and ready to shake her booty!  After the first few songs I could tell that my mood was slowing changing, and I was having fun!  By the time I left ZUMBA I was ready to get my kids and looked forward to the day. 

I am so happy that I decided to go.  Making the decision to go was the hardest part of the workout!! 

 LOL.........just thought that this cartoon was funny!!!!


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