Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Comfort Food

Grandpa passed away and we had the funeral on Monday.  We are finally back in Ohio after being gone for almost 2 weeks! I was very sad to leave, but extremely happy to get back to life (& ZUMBA)

While we were in SC, people were amazing during our time of need.  We had so many people helping out, and especially cooking food for our family.  I have to say that my grandpa’s neighbors and friends were very generous and amazing cooks.  But that was also a curse!!! The comfort food that they brought, brought some of my lost pounds and inches with them.  Desserts, potatoes, noodle casseroles, fried chicken, and bacon in everything (even coleslaw) did nothing good for my figure.  So as much as I appreciated it, I am kicking myself for letting this food “comfort” me!  Well here we go…..a new day….AGAIN! 

I like to make food for others when they are in need or having difficult times.  I know realize that maybe a fruit salad, veggie tray, or green salad might be a good option to take!!!  LOL….why is it…that fruits and veggies go a lot faster when they are cut up??

(I did make some healthy recipes while I was there…..going to post a few later!!!)

A new day – A new week – A new body in the making! 


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