Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weight Loss = New Clothes

So my hubby told me today that for every 10lbs I lose, he will buy me a new outfit!  YAY…I am all about that! Poor guy has no clue what he has just done.  He never specified what an outfit consisted of, so I think I will be layering for sure!  (I am blessed with a wonderful, supportive hubby)

My daughter starts preschool on Monday.  Very excited for her, but sad for me! Can’t believe my baby is growing so fast! In my decision to which school I sent her to, I decided that I would choose one close to the YMCA.  My plan is to drop her off at school, then since I will be out of the house, head straight to the Y.  As I have it scheduled right now, I will get 5 workouts this week! So excited, I am seeing many new outfits in my future. 

I think tomorrow I am going to weigh in (I forgot to on Friday), and take measurements!  For me measurements are so important b/c I tend to drop inches before I drop lbs, so it is very good motivation to see some results. 

Hmmm……what am I going to buy first!!!  (I wonder if a coach purse counts as part of an outfit??? LOL)


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