Monday, August 1, 2011

Day Full Of Events

Well yesterday was a glimpse of what is to come for the summer….running from one event to the next! Yesterday I had a baby shower, church meeting / dinner, then an impromptu dinner with an out of town guest. I had every intention of doing good! At the shower I skipped the croissant and just ate the chicken salad, but the grommet cupcake....well couldn’t pass that one up!  Then off to the church meeting which I knew was going to be a pizza party!  So I picked the pizza with banana peppers, and ate two slices with salad.  I went back for more salad when I still felt likemunching!  Well next to the salad sat the desserts! Man do I have a sweet tooth……the red velvet cake and chocolate chip cookies looked so yummy!  Looking back I should have cut a smaller piece so I could have just tasted it, rather than eat the pre cut pieces that was on the table (Or I could have skipped it)! Then the impromptu dinner came…..well….I picked a veggie sandwich thing….but I guess I should have just had water!!!  But the positive thing I did do……..I DRANK WATER ONLY ALL DAY!!! 

As summer approaches and the days are packed with events, Iam going to need to come up with a plan! Graduation cake & goodies at all the events is not going to cut it!  Need to make some Veggie Survival soup (what my momma calls it) and eat that before an event!  Soup is a good filler!!!  Maybe keeping a full water bottle  to drink as I drive between events will help so that I feel full when I get there (I wonder if the Garmin has a button to show where all the bathrooms are?). 
Hmmmm……..any suggestions would beappreciated!!    

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