Monday, August 1, 2011

Party Disaster?

Parties can be a killer to weight loss. My daughter just turned 4 years old and wanted to have a Dora party. I love to decorate and cook depending on themes, so first thing that came to mind was a FIESTA. I decided from the start that I was really going to try and be healthy in my cooking choices (as much as I could be). I am one of those that way over cook b/c I don’t want to run out….and then I have leftovers for the next week and hate to see them go to waste. So not wanted to way over eat unhealthy for the next week, I really tired to think about what I was cooking and make wiser choices. Over all, everyone ate & there were not too many complaints (except from those that really don’t eat Mexican).

So this is what I decided to to:

*Sante Fe Chicken – which I had taco shells to wrap it up in (drained some of the extra juice!) or just by it self. This is made in a crock pot so easy prep on party day!!!
*Turkey Taco meet – not sure if people realized it was turkey instead of beef
*Salad – had a big interesting salad made next to stuff that could be added to make it in a taco salad.
* Fruit Salad
* Cheese dip – made with turkey meet.
* Veggie Tray
* Mac and Cheese for the kiddos.
* Limited chips

I also tired to send some leftovers home with family members. That way I had less that I felt like I “had” to eat!!!!
My little one enjoyed her party – with a special visit from Map and an adventure. And mommy went to bed that night not feeling horrible about what she ate for the day!


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