Monday, August 1, 2011

Portion Distortion

I  am not the greatest cook, but I am learning.  So anytime my hubby says "lets go out to eat" I am quick to say yes!  Lately I have tried harder to order a "healthy" dinner, I often forget America's idea of bigger is better (except when they are talking about pants & dress sizes)!  Often I end up eating a double portion b/c that is what's on my plate!  I think because I see it, my head says "well thats what you need," so I eat it.  I have every intent to do good, but instead I eat double what I really should really be eating.

When I was in Weight Watchers I was always amazed at what true portion sizes are.  3oz of lean meat - the size of a deck of cards....a baked potatoe - the size of a computer mouse...1 brownie - the size of a dental floss package (I thought it was 1/2 of a 13x9 pan)!  WOW....that sure doesn't seem like much!  I have learned from watching my hubby through all his health issues that your tummy will adapt to what you are feeding it!  Since he was unable to eat a whole lot for awhile, he now feels full so much quicker then he ever did in the past.  (Great for him, but I often feel like a heffer b/c my portions are still way to big!)

As Easter Lunch approaches I  am already starting to think about how it is going to go.  My first thought is what can I take that I will enjoy but I won't have to pay for later?  My next thought is which of Grandma's food is the most important for me to eat so I don't feel like I will suffer and be missing out?  Then....I will remember to take my serving spoons I got when I was in weight watchers.  If you haven't seen them they look nice - but one spoon is equivelant to 1/2 cup and the other is 1 cup.  So maybe I can measure my food out just a little better so I really know how much I have eaten.  I think another biggie for me will be sitting around after lunch talking & picking at the leftovers.  I think I will help to clear the table, especially around the area that I sit!   
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