Monday, August 1, 2011

Got A Buddy?

In the past I have gone to work out classes, stuck with it for awhile, but then the excuses started to come about why I could miss. Had the kids, need to run errands, it was to nice out, had cramps, just didn’t feel like it; all seemed like good reasons not to go. As I look back on it, I think that the real reason I would stop going was that I didn’t have anyone to hold me accountable. When I started this time I started with my sister (who is slacking at the moment…lol). I thought if her skinny little butt could go, so could I. It kinda became a challenge, but also a great time to spend with her since we are both really busy.

I also did something different this time…..I talked to people around me in the class. (Yes I am normally a big talker, but being surrounded by a bunch of skinny in shape people can be intimidating) So, I started off with a hi and moaning between songs, but now we facebook and text about class and make sure that we are all going. My older has joined me as well and has been a great motivation! I am excited for my mom to get back in town so that she can join us too!!! LOL…..our poor instructors!!! I think when you have a buddy, or a bunch of people motivating you, and supporting you, it is so much easier and fun then doing it by yourself! In 2 months I have not missed class!!


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