Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I love my kids, but they have ruined my body! 

I look around and see all these cute skinny pregnant girls, and wonder “what did I do wrong?”  Ok so I wasn’t that small before pregnancy….but seriously that just is not fair!  I really think that during pregnancy there should be a required amount of weight a person should have to gain! I think that would only be fair!!!

Pregnancy did nothing good for my body!  If the amazing almost 40 lbs, stretch marks, and huge boobs weren’t enough, the amazing 10 lbs that I gained in the hospital after my C-Section should have given me some indication of how much fun losing all this weight was going to be! 

Oh well, each stretch mark is a constant reminder of how blessed I am!  I love my kids and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!!  But in my next life time….I want to be one of those skinny girls that look really cute the entire pregnancy and then pop out the kid and have an instant 6-pack!!! 

Laughter burns calories right!!!! 


Crafty and Green said...

Yes, Laughter is supposed to burn calories! We better start laughing, ALOT!!

Amanda said...

Can I be one of those skinny girls in my next life too..

Colleen B. said...

I want to be a skinny girl too. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ugh ew. A required weight people should gain so YOU could feel better about being FAT. Please. Normal people don't need to ruin their health and bodies in order to make ugly fatties feel better about gorging themselves with food.

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