Monday, August 1, 2011

Plateau Suggestions

Hitting a plateau is never fun when you are trying to loss weight. I know I get very frustrated and sometimes I find that I start to cheat on my diet when I hit a stand still. I know over the past few months I have been seeing the inches melting...but my weight is staying the same!  I am ready for a bit of a change!!! 

 Here are some suggestions that I think I am going to try:
*You might already be doing this already but make sure you are lifting weights before you do cardio exercise. Whichever type of exercise you do first will burn off sugars from the previous meal. The secondary exercise will start to burn fat. It is ideal to warm up for 5-10 minutes, lift weights for 30 minutes, cardiovascular workouts for 30 minutes and cool down for 5-10 minutes. you may also want to invest in a good heart rate monitor that will allow you to keep track of your calorie burn. It may surprise you to see how many calories you are actually burning in a workout (its usually considerably less than you think it is- and the machines are always wrong.) By wearing the HR monitor you can figure out how much harder you need to work to meet the burn you need to either lose or maintain your weight.   - Tina a personal Trainer!

*Sometimes I go for a week or so without losing any weight even though I've been eating sensibly and exercising. I get a little frustrated and then remember to take out the measuring tape. I usually find that I've lost an inch or so from my waist which inspires me to workout even more.

*When eating super clean and exercising regularly, I found I had hit a plateau. A friend of mine suggested pigging out for 1-2 days - eating anything I wanted, then going back to eating clean the next day. This would shock the metabolism and more than likely get things headed in the right direction again. The key is to make this part of your plan (eg. "tomorrow and the next day, I will eat whatever I want") not "well I ate bad today so I'll use that as my 'plateau pig out' session".

*If you have lost weight (especially a significant amount) consider reassessing your goals and see if you need to have your calorie ranges adjusted. As people loose weight then require less calories.

*If you are not regular you may not lose weight. I think the toxins prevent it, so always see that  you are eating  fiber &  drink more water. 


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