Monday, August 1, 2011


Well this week has been nuts (like normal).  My grandmother in SC is in her final days after years of battling Alzheimer’s.  With the stress of knowing what is coming, and not knowing when it will happen,planning has been extra hard and stress eating has been extra easy!  As I think about her and what a wonderful woman she is, I feel sad for her and the family. 

During these times eating sweets seems like the right thingto do! Eating is one of the only things I have control over in this situation.  But…..I am working on changing my mindset!!!  I know I am stress eating,so on Monday I added a workout b/c I knew that dove chocolate bunny I ate wasgoing to tick me off on Friday when I weigh in! I used Zumba last night to not only exercise but also to dance away someof the crazies!  I find that when I workout at night I have a harder time coming home and justify eating crap!

The other hard part about knowing what is to come is that I didn’t plan my meals and do my grocery shopping.  Since I didn’t know when we were going tohave to leave, I hated to buy a lot of food and then let it spoil! So insteadof having a plan, I did the “oh crap it is time for dinner what is quick andeasy”!  I am quickly learning (ok well not quickly enough) that this is not a good thing for me to do!  As meal times approach and I find that I am getting hungry, I tend to snack while I cook. Then after snacking I eat thequick meal that was easy and not necessarily the healthiest!  GRRR! Time for a change!

So…..In the next few minutes I am going to sit down andwrite out my meals and figure out what I am going to need from the store. I am thinking I will only plan a few days that way I don’t have an abundance of food that will go to waste!  I also want to think about what snacks I want to take for our long car trip.  11 hours with kids in the car could be a disaster!!!!  ( I will post what good things I come up with for the car ride.....with kids in the care so long...Margaritas might be one of them!)


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