Monday, August 1, 2011

What are you Wearing?

My room is covered in clothes!  I have them in my closet, in the dresser, and on the floor.  Since I have so many clothes my husband doesn't realize why it takes me so long to get ready.  Well....I have all sizes!  I have maternity, my pre-prego clothes, and what I now consider my fat clothes!  Trying to find something to wear especially when I am between sizes is such a pain!  Most times I get so frustrated and then end up in my "normal" clothes. 

Recently I have decided to get rid of alot of the pre-prego clothes and move the maternity clothes to the basement (I am not getting rid of them b/c I have heard you get pregnant as soon as you do!!!).  Seeing all these clothes that don't fit, especially ones that I don't even like add extra stress that I don't need.  I figure that once I get rid of the weight, I am going to treat myself to some shopping!!! Plus by the time I get back into them who knows what the crazy style will be!!!

I have also noticed that what I wear affects my mood.  Often in the winter I just throw on a big hoodie and jeans, put my hair in a pony and get the kids out the door.  When I take the time to put on something nice (my non-mommy clothes) I tend to have a better attitude and more confidence.  When I wear a bit of a heel vs sneakers, I walk with better posture.  I have noticed that when I feel better about how I look, I tend to do better on watching what I am eating!   Not sure if anyone else feels this way! 
So..........really going to try and replace the hoodies & tshirts with somehthing that fits my body better!!  LOL......I am starting to hear Stacey and Clinton from what not to wear in my head as I get dressed! 
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