Monday, August 1, 2011

Excuses = Failure

For the longest time I wanted to work out, but I couldn’t seem to find the time to fit it in. I hated to give up time with my hubby when he got home from work, but really had no one else to watch the kids. My mom kept telling me to drop the kids off at the YMCA child watch, but I kept telling her with how shy my daughter was there was just no way. I decided to give up on working out! BAD MOVE!!!

After my hubby’s surgery my mom and sister talked me in to going to ZUMBA one night…..and needing a break from reality decided to go! I had my dad watch the kids, and went and danced my crazies away. After that night I was hooked. Between my dad and John I was able to go twice a week. Then I realized my favorite instructor taught in the mornings! Well now I needed to find a way to get to the Y. I put it in my mind that my kids were going to do the child watch! I told them they were going to be like Calliou (a cartoon character) and go to play school. First drop off was a bit tough….a few tears were shed, but they made it an entire hour!!! Mommy finally found a new freedom!!! I find my day goes better, and I am a better mommy after I work out!

My lesson I learned….I need to stop making excuses before I try. I was making decisions on how my daughter would do before I even gave her the opportunity. I was holding myself back from getting healthier and reaching my goals b/c of my fears. It was easier to make the excuse then fail! But now she plays with the little kids, and I play with the big ones (I guess I should say adults…LOL)… win situation!!
EXCUSES = FAILURE without effort ! 


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