Monday, August 1, 2011

Healthy = Expensive

When I think about cooking healthy, I think expensive! Diet recipes always have a million veggies, spices, and crazy ingredients that cost a ton! I think that I have put off cooking healthier b/c I hate to put in the cost! Not to mention I hate trying to figure out what some of the ingredients are....I often have to stop and ask someone that works there, or someone that is shopping that looks like they cook, or I phone a friend! Hmmm.....I have also learned the correct pronunciation for many ingredients CUMIN!

One solution to the cost problem is that I take advantage of cheaper stores. One of my favorite stores is Aldi. I use to make fun of my grandpa for shopping there, but once I actually went in and realized how much I could get for my money I got hooked. Every time I go I usually pick up low fat yogurt, string cheese, veggies, fruits, low fat/cal cream cheese, oatmeal, wheat bread, spices, and many more! They have the Fit & Active brand there (which I think is Aldi's generic) which I love! Now that I cut the cost, I can focus making more recipes that are healthier!!!

I am also getting very excited about the farmers markets, and going to Hartville Flea Market for some cheap fresh fruits and veggies now that the weather is getting nicer! 


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