Monday, August 1, 2011

Facebook Blues

Facebook is great. I love catching up with people I went to High School and College with, or seeing family that lives out of town. But the down fall to facebook is that I see all these people who are skinny, beautiful, and always out with friends. I see all the trips they get to take and the fun they are having. It is hard not to get a bit sad and frustrated that my life is so different!

As I scroll through their pictures on their pages and start to feel sad, I stop and think about all the amazing things that I do have. I might not be as skinny as I was in high school or college. But, the lack of abs reminds me of the 2 C-Sections I had to bring my babies into this world. The stretch marks are a constant reminder of how God blessed me to be able to become pregnant and carry two healthy beautiful kids, when I was not supposed to be able to get pregnant.

I might not get to go on spur of the moment trips or hang with friends all the time. But I have two little kiddos here all the time that take me on an adventure everyday! No day for me is ever the same, there is always a craft to be made, a snack to prepare, or a game to play. My kids’ endless imagination keeps the adventures coming. I also have the opportunity to hang with friends in my moms group! Our play dates that we share and the support they offer have created such amazing friendships not only for us moms but our kids as well.

I might not get to go away for the weekend. But, every night I get to tuck my kids into bed, say prayers, and kiss them goodnight!

So I don’t get to live the way many of my friends live, but I have to believe that many of them would give up their lifestyles to have a supportive loving hubby & wonderful kids. I am so blessed to have the wonderful family I have! I am thankful for all that I have. I might not get to travel at the moment or have as much adult time as I would like or be in the shape that I want to be….but these are temporary things. I will be in better shape….I will be more successful…I am reclaiming my life!

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