Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am not a “cooker person” as my mom would say.  I can bake, but cooking is not one of my strengths (But I am getting better the more I practice)!  My grandma & sister are really good at just grabbing what’s in the fridge and just throwing something together.  LOL my poor husband has been the victim of me trying to make a lot of my own recipes.   

So recipes for me are a MUST! 
I really like recipes that have pictures of what things should turn out like….not that mine always do, but good to know that it is me that kind of sucks rather than the recipe…LOL I try! 

Any way….I have to say that I have loved Gina’s Skinny Recipes online!  I have found them to be easy to follow, and she adds some extra helpful tips that people like me really appreciate!!!  Check it out!!!  Really suggest Santa Fe Chicken – Awesome Crock Pot Recipe!!!!  (That is going to be on next week’s meal plan)  I also love that she uses “normal” ingredients  Not being a “cooker person” I appreciate not having to look up what the ingredients are or how to pronounce them.  LOL I have to say people look at me crazy when I ask where certain things are at the store – Cumin!  Oh yes I learned I wasn’t saying that right at all!!! LOL   

So check out Gina’s low fat meals at

I wanted to update this post and add two special features that Gina has on her site:  1. You can save the recipes you like to a recipe box.  2. You can send recipes you like to a shopping list which seperate the ingredients by catagory and amounts!!!  I am on the go alot so any thing to make my life easier is a blessing! 


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