Monday, August 1, 2011


I talk about ZUMBA a lot! Well that is because I LOVE IT! It is a fun workout, that really kicks my butt! I look forward to going each week, and really hate to miss. The great thing about this class, is that ANY one can do it! The first class was a little intimidating b/c I didn’t know what to expect….but someone said give it 3 classes and you will totally be hooked….and I was!!

Another thing I love about the class is there is every body type! Young Teens (well behaved) – Seniors are all together dancing, having fun and working out their crazies! There are totally toned bodies (LOL not mine) – 300+ lbs. And since everyone is dancing… really don’t have time to watch anyone but the instructor. So it doesn’t matter if you are coordinated or not!

Check out the website –
You can find a class close to you!!! Each instructor is a different….so find one you like!!!

If you go to the North Canton YMCA…check out Dana’s Class! She is awesome and so inspiring!!! She has a fun, high energy, motivating class that will work out every muscle in your body (thanks to her I have found many muscles I never even knew I had!).

If ZUMBA isn't your thing that is ok.....find a class you connect with, that motivates you, and you see results doing!!! 


Crafty and Green said...

Love Love Love Zumba, Especially with Tiff in Dana's Class!! I'm so happy my back is better & I can go again!!

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