Monday, August 1, 2011

Sports Bra that Works!!!

One thing I have learned that is very important in weight loss is a good sports bra!!!

After a good month of ZUMBA and working out….I realized that I was starting to get a lot of pain in my chest! I actually feared that I had something wrong and made a doctor appointment and had an exam done! Once learning it was a lot of muscle pain I was having from the strain of “the girls”….I started to double up underwire bras! Doubling up helped a lot, but was not really comfortable!

Thinking about finding a sports bra was very frustrating. Nothing would remotely hold the girls in place. I joked with the girls at ZUMBA that I wasn’t sure who was going to get black eyes….me or them as I jumped around!

To my surprise my mom (who is wonderful) found a sports bra on line and sent it to me! Now it is not cute… comes up high…..but it works! This bra holds my girls and actually makes me look like a normal size! Being a 40 G (and thankfully they aren’t a J any more) is hard to look “normal”!!!! I have to say I have been able to increase my workouts and don’t worry about black eyes so much any more!

This bra has great reviews and is the one Oprah wore when she ran her marathon!!!! Unless you have this problem….you have no idea how important it is to find a good one!!!   check it out!!! 


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